Born in 1960, Katya A.Traboulsi is a Beirut based multimedia artist whose practice is characterizedby the emotional intensity with which she confronts the effects of the Lebanesecivil war. Both her painting and sculptural works are characterized by her bolduse of color, which disrupts the viewer’s expectations of the dark subjectmatter they are confronted with. Her solo exhibition Perpetual Identities(2018) held at the Saleh Barakat Gallery saw presented 46 hand- craftedreplicas of Lebanese war bomb shells adorned with colorful patterns, beads andsculpted forms, thus transforming these destructive military objects intobeautiful, ornate vessels.

In 2013, Traboulsi published Generation War, a body of work that traces thestory of photojournalists who witnessed the civil war during the 80s – anhomage to their efforts and a political project that seeks to record thecountry’s complex histories. Traboulsi lived and worked in Dubaï from 1989 till2016 before returning to her native Beirut. Her work has been exhibitedinternationally since 1986 in Paris, London, Dubai, Kuwait, North America, theAlgerian museum of Modern Art and the International Armory Show in NYC, Venice,Washington MEI and U.N in New York in December 2019.


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